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About Kletos

Kletos Inc.

We Will Make Your daily Live better

We believe in deliver quality products and quality life to people.

"All the basics are in water"
Birth of life

Agricultural progress

Development of civilization

Industrial development

Even the high-tech industry would not be possible
without water. Moreover, the human body is 55% to 75% water,
and newborn babies are 80% water.

Therefore, having good water in your body
means maintaining good health,
and having a lot of good water keeps youth and beauty.
We believe that all the basics are in water,

1) Improve the water environment for children
who will lead the next generation.

2) Contribute to society by supplying safe and
clean water to people all over the world.

About the manufacturer

Basic Co., Ltd. (
A new idea of water From 1st July 1998 to present, our company celebrated 50 years of Kletos. The first products were made by hand in founder abc's lab. In the years to follow, he transformed the company into an innovative leader in drinking water optimisation. Today, our purifying filter operates in many countries across five continents. Now with new expansion, Kletos is ready to take on the future.

Our core competence is based in water purifying, and water is the basis of our vision.
This means we are shaping one of the most important markets of the future.
At Kletos, We Are Directly Involved In Filtering, Optimising And Individualising This Vital Resource. We Help People Improve Their Water Quality For Personal Use.

Why we are trusted Worldwide


Aquatriton is a household water purifier. Although it is a faucet mounting method, it  has solved all the defects of water purifiers currently on the market. The utility model has already been acquired. Its features are as follows. Currently, water purifiers sold in Japan and developed countries around the world are a method of switching between tap water and purified water with a lever, and are made from the stereotype that “a water purifier cannot be made without a switching lever”. ..

Aquatriton has solved all the drawbacks of the water purifier by integrating the water purifier itself with the switching lever.


Aquatriton holds patents around the world, including:

United States
South Korea 

Environmentally Friendly

Aquatrion’s back-washing system can prolong the filter’s life for its use, which gives less frequency to change the filter compared with other regular non back-washing water purifiers.  By using tap water for even drinking purpose, we believe that we can reduce waste micro-plastics the one of world biggest environmental problem.

Japanese Quality & Design

Aquatriton is designed by Japanese engineers and assembled in Japan with quality activated carbon made by Japanese manufacturer Kurarey, the world biggest activated carbon supplier. 

Kletos, the authorized dealer of