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  • Removes bacteria with built-in hollow fiber membrane
  • Total filtration flow rate with high-performance activated carbon is 12,000L
  • Revolutionary design performs backwashing with purified water
  • Alternate purified water backwashing prevents clogging
  • Removes 13 hazardous materials
  • Backwashing prevents clogging by washing away debris, maintaining water flow
  • Sanitizes inside of filter by using captured residual chlorine of the tap water
  • Washes away captured heavy metals so the filtration is kept contamination free
  • Inside-out water flow enables fast purification
  • Filtered water won’t mix with unfiltered water when poured
  • Compact, simple design is easy and convenient to store in the refrigerator
  • Backwashing the cartridge prevents bacterial growth
  • 0.2 L/min purified water flow
  • Removes 13 hazardous materials*
  • Purified up to 400L of tap water
    *Based on Japanese Standard JIS 3201

  • Save 40% of water consumption
  • Save 40% of electricity cost
  • Specialty engineered nozzle enables increased water conservation
  • Conserves, purifies and pressurizes shower water
  • Specially designed nozzle and stainless steel shower plate create comfortable water flow
  • Custom versions with added calcium, ceramics or other materials are available